Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Celtics Post-Season Thought

I'm not as confident in the Celtics as I had been at this time last year. This isn't because I believe the Celtics have lost a step from last year, but more so because I feel like other teams have stepped up their games. Last year the Celtics coasted to the best record in basketball and home court advantage. This year, the Celtics most likely won't be able to pass the Cavs for the top spot in the East and the Magic are nipping at their heels for the number 2 seed.

This is mostly to blame on the lengthy injuries, most notably to Kevin Garnett. Doc Rivers is wisely taking no chances with the health of his stars with the division locked up. Having KG at 100% is more important than seeding or homecourt advantage.

I think regardless of their seeding, the Celtics should get into the Eastern Conference Finals, but taking down the revitalized Cavs is a pretty tall order.

BC Basketball One and Done in NCAA Tournament

After a strong showing against Duke in the ACC Tournament and upsets against Duke, UNC and Florida St. during the regular season BC basketball was rewarded with a #7 seed in the NCAA tournament.

Few people believed BC would make a real run in this tournament, but because they brought some top teams down a few people thought they could pull off an upset in the second round, but clearly this was not the case.

This season as a whole still has to be seen as a victory. Few predicted that BC would be making an appearance at the NCAA tournament and was seen as one of the weaker teams in the loaded ACC.