Sunday, August 5, 2007

Home Run King?

A-Rod hits 500 career HR's and Barry tied Hank Aaron's HR record within hours of each other today. I really dislike A-Rod, I think he's competitive to the point where he's willing to bend the rules and throw sportsmanship out the window to win games. The "slapped ball" against the Red Sox and the yelling to throw off the Rangers 3rd basemen while fielding a fly ball immediately come to mind. That said I think it pales in comparison to the Barry Bonds situation. Breaking this record is going to put a blemish on the record books that is going to be hard to ignore. I really hope that somebody who passionately hates Barry Bonds catches the record breaking ball, takes out a permanent marker and writes "Steroids", "Cheater" or "*" on the ball. I'd like to think that when future generations see that ball in Cooperstown they understand the disgust baseball fans had for what was happening to the game. For that reason, and that reason alone, am I happy to think that A-Rod will most likely pass him some time in the future and restore some dignity to the title of "Home Run King".

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