Thursday, August 9, 2007

Reggie Miller....seriously?

It has been reported that the Celtics have encouraged Reggie Miller to leave his job as a TNT analyst, don the green and white and help the Celtics win a title. You're kidding right? The guy retired back in 2005. At age 42, for Reggie to get back in shape and be able to play at anywhere near his old form would require a herculean effort. On a personal note, I hate Reggie Miller. Tommy Heinsohn always pointed to the "flops" from Miller who would flop back to the floor at the lightest touch in order to get the call from the referee. He got 3 emmy nominations and two thumbs up for his performance.

I think Danny might be trying a bit too hard to silence the "You need 5 players not 3" naysayers like Bob Ryan. If this year's Eastern Conference proves anything it's that you don't need a well rounded team to make it to the finals. Lebron James carried the Cavaliers to the finals like lambs to the slaughter. If Lebron can drag a team full of nobodies to the finals then Paul Pierce, Ray Allen and KG should have a chance to win a championship with some nobodies in tow.

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