Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Jags Out, Spaziani In

In case you missed it, BC head coach Jeff Jagodzinski was fired recently for interviewing for the vacant Jets job. BC's feelings were hurt that Jags had bigger aspirations than being BC's head coach for the forseeable future. I can't say I'm overwhelmingly disappointed. Jags was a solid coach that brought them twice to the ACC Championship game, but the Eagles were a pretty good team before Jags got here. I think Jags is a long shot for the Jets job and is probably only being considered because of his connection to Brett Favre from Green Bay. In all likelihood he'll pop up as a coordinator somewhere.

After a quick search BC has decided to promote long time BC defensive coordinator Frank Spaziani. I like this choice as coach. Spaz picked up the pieces when Tom O'Brien left for NC State and coached them to a win in the bowl game that year. I have always felt that BC's defense was the true strength behind the team, holding their own against even the toughest of opponents. Perhaps his coaching style won't translate well to the offensive side of the ball, but you can never be sure when it comes to coaches.

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