Saturday, January 31, 2009

Super Bowl Prediction

I'm really not feeling much heat from this years Super Bowl, and I'm content to blame that on the Arizona Cardinals. Oh sure, nice little storyline about Kurt Warner making it back to the big dance after the Greatest Show on Turf fell apart against the upstart Patriots in 2001, but other than that...

I do have a soft spot in my heart for long suffering teams, (Prior to 2004 I could easily relate) but only when that team has a fan base that's suffered with them. In the last World Series nobody could deny that the Rays had an awful run up until that season as a franchise, but the Phillies had suffered through some pretty awful seasons and their fan base for the most part stuck it out with their team. The Rays could not sell out a game at their stadium until they made the playoffs and all of a sudden a fan base crawled out the woodwork with their recently purchased Mohawks and Evan Longoria jerseys acting like they had been following this club from day 1. When it came time to decide who I was backing it was no contest.

The Cardinals aren't quite as bad as the Rays, but seeing them in the Super Bowl after they rolled over for the Patriots late in the season doesn't sit right with me. If they actually gave it their all in that game they don't deserve to be playing in the Super Bowl, if they phoned it in during that final game it's bad sports karma.

I think the Steelers are by far the superior team and see a solid win for them Steelers 17 Cardinals 10.

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