Monday, July 30, 2007

KG a Celtic?

The Globe is reporting that the KG trade is now "down to details" with a follow up Jackie Macmullan article praising the celtics for finally pulling the trigger. I'm full of mixed emotions. This trade makes the Celtics serious title contenders with the trio of Ray Allen, Paul Pierce and now KG on the court. As excited as I am by this prospect, we're putting all of our eggs in 3 over the hill baskets. Maybe I've been watching the Yankees a bit too closely but I've started to come around to the philosophy that "A bunch of overpaid aging superstars does not a winner make". In the acquisition of KG and Allen the Celtics have completely sold out their future. Al Jefferson can flourish as a superstar and play his best years in Minnesota. Next year's first round draft picks are gone. We're all in, this is the year, we'd better get there this year because there is very little else in the works for the future.

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