Monday, July 9, 2007

Sox limp into All Star Break

The Sox were victims of their second 3 game sweep of the season as they were swept by the Tigers before heading into the All Star Break. The last two games were especially painful as the second game of the series stretched deep into extra innings before Johnathan Papelbon hit Gary Sheffield, Sheffield stole second base after a seemingly endless number of checks on first by Papelbon, and finally Papelbon giving up the big hit to Ivan Rodriguez with two down, the ball just escaping the outstretched glove of Coco Crisp. This makes the Red Sox a dismal 1-4 in extra inning games on the season. There's something really demoralizing for a fan after a loss like this. Perhaps it's the feeling that somehow your loyalty as a fan and staying to watch despite the painful scoreless innings will pay off with a win. With the additional stress this places on the bullpen to lose a close game like that can really throw off a team's rhythm. This inability to get over the hump continued into the next game where Daisuke had a terrible performance and couldn't keep the ball inside the ballpark. This ended in another heartbreaking loss for the Red Sox losing 6-5.

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