Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Leyland attempts to make All Star Game look exciting, AL still wins 5-4

So there was the only inside the park home run in All Star Game history, nearly an NL Rally with two runs in the bottom of the ninth two outs and the bases loaded, five of the six Red Sox All Stars made an appearance in the game and I still felt this game was pretty lame. The Red Sox pitching staff contributed 3 scoreless innings to the AL effort with Josh Beckett pitching the 3rd and 4th Inning allowing one hit and recording two strikeouts and Johnathan Papelbon doing the same in his one inning of work in the 8th. The combined efforts of J.J. Putz (Seattle) and Francisco Rodriguez (LAA) was nearly enough to blow the 3 run lead the AL carried into the ninth with Putz giving up two runs with two outs, being relieved by Rodriguez who proceeded to walk the bases loaded and thankfully managed to record the final out. For a moment there I had flashbacks of the disastrous 2002 tie-game All Star Game, but instead the AL asserted it's dominance with it's tenth consecutive All Star Game win. This is really just one more piece of evidence of the AL's dominance over the NL when interleague play is also taken into consideration.

It also seems that Big Papi believes that sometime in the future he will require surgery in order to fix the recent quad/hamstring problems that have been affecting his numbers this season. When and if this surgery will take place is up to the doctors he will consult with upon returning to Boston.

In other news, Troy Brown is reportedly returning to the Patriots for a fifteenth season. I was happy to hear this as Brown's versatility, veteran experience and traditionally low price tag makes him a solid addition to the team. Foxboro wouldn't be the same without Brown making the unexpected contributions he has made year in and year out.

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