Tuesday, October 9, 2007

The Bills do everything possible to blow it against Dallas on MNF

The Cowboys-Bills game on Monday Night Football last night was absolutely ridiculous. Tony Romo, the head of one of the most prolific offenses in the NFL right now, threw 5 interceptions and lost a fumble for good measure. Romo was playing this game like he had bet his salary for the next 10 years on the Bills. Finally, Romo scored a TD and had the opportunity to tie with the 2 point conversion, but instead TO dropped a really good pass in the end zone, but who needs the two points when you can just get 3 for a FG? Dallas successfully converted an onsides kick, got to the brink of their kickers FG range and their kicker put it through the uprights not once, but twice after the Bills coach pulled off the trendy "last second timeout to ice the kicker" trick that everybody seems to be trying these days. The kick was dead on and had the distance as time expired.

The one thing the national media and ESPN seem to be glossing over is just how astoundingly bad the Bills offense was this game. Their defense and special teams put up 21 points and 6 turnovers total and they only had one scoring drive, a FG, to supplement that score. They even threw an interception deep into the red zone where a FG probably would have locked up the game on for the Bills. There were so many times where any life from the Bills offense would have put the nail in Dallas' coffin but they just couldn't deliver.

I took an active interest in this game as the Patriots are headed down to Dallas to take on the Cowboys this coming Sunday and the Pats will be seeing the Bills again in week 11. Personally, I feel much better about both of those games after watching this game. Dallas' offense isn't as sharp as it seemed and they probably aren't in the same class as the Colts and Patriots.

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