Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Tim Wakefield to be left off World Series roster!

The Red Sox held a press conference today to announce that Tim Wakefield would be left off the World Series roster due to his injuries. Wakefield was the only Red Sox pitcher to record a win against the Rockies during their interleague series against them in mid-June. The Red Sox lost the 3-game series 1-2 with Beckett and Schilling taking the losses.

Terry Francona suggested Jon Lester as a replacement for Wakefield's spot in the rotation and announced the first 3 starters, the rotation should look something like this:
1) Josh Beckett
2) Curt Schilling
3) Daisuke Matsuzaka
4) Jon Lester?

Unlike in the Indians series, the Red Sox do not have the option of pitching Beckett on short rest game 4 and then having him make a start in game 7 on full rest. Although the Red Sox didn't mention him, Julian Tavarez is also an option for a fourth starter, but I think he would be put to better use to take Lester's spot as a long reliever/meltdown insurance plan in the bullpen. The number suggest that Tavarez is more effective his first time through the lineup and becomes less effective in subsequent times through the lineup.

They also announced that Jacoby Ellsbury will be starting in center field in place of Coco Crisp. I strongly support this decision as Ellsbury is swinging a hot bat lately and his defensive skills and speed on the basepaths are comparable to Crisp.

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