Sunday, October 14, 2007

Duel in Dallas: Cowboys get blown away 48-27

This was easily the best win for the Patriots this year. They downed a 5-0 team on their home turf.

They didn't get lucky. Romo seems to have worked out the kinks from the 5 interception game on MNF against Buffalo. His only interception came late in the game and was the last nail in the Cowboys coffin at that point. The Patriots also had an acrobatic Randy Moss TD pass downfield be overturned on review. The Patriots managed to overcome a big mistake by Tom Brady giving away 7 points on a strip sack. Despite the mistakes the Patriots ground out a well earned, convincing win.

As for TO? He put up a respectable 6 catches for 66 yards and had a TD catch and did put up a slightly better day than the "Other 81" Randy Moss who had 6 catches for 59 yards and a TD catch. Moss wasn't really the story as Wes Welker and Donte Stallworth cleaned up with the backfield more open thanks to the Moss double team.

The AFC East continues to be abysmal outside of the Patriots as Miami dropped to 0-6 this weekend and the Jets are still 1-5. Buffalo had the bye this week and occupies the #2 spot in the division at 1-4. The Patriots magic number is now 7.

The Patriots will be trying to avoid the huge upset against winless Miami on the road next Sunday.

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