Sunday, September 30, 2007

BC avoids upset against UMass

I couldn't watch this game because all the tickets were snapped up for parents weekend on campus and this game wasn't televised because UMass is a I-AA team, a very good I-AA team at that, and that's just not worth watching apparently.

The Eagles won the by a comfortable, yet unimpressive margin. Usually, when a nationally ranked team plays a I-AA team anything short of a rout keeps the team from moving up in the rankings if not dropping down in them. The Eagles, however, seem to be poised for a jump in the rankings thanks to some outside help. The #3 OU Sooners were upset by unranked Colorado, #4 Florida was upset by unranked Auburn, #5 WVU was upset by unranked South Florida, #7 Texas was upset by unranked Kansas State, #10 Rutgers was upset by unranked Maryland and #11 Oregon lost to #6 California. #1 USC barely avoided the upset against unranked Washington and #9 Wisconsin was lucky to come away with a win against unranked Michigan State. Suddenly, BC winning by a meager 10 points doesn't look so bad. With 6 of the 11 teams ranked ahead of BC losing and two more winning by slim margins against unranked opponents. There's a big top 10 shakeup coming and BC should look pretty good with it's 5-0 record intact.

The Eagles should be able to maintain their spot in the top 10 if they manage to avoid the upset against Bowling Green and head into South Bend to take on a Notre Dame team that has amassed the worst opening record in ND history and slipped to 0-5 against Purdue this weekend. The Irish did show some fight in the second half, but it was too little too late. They'll try to right the ship against UCLA before taking on the Eagles and USC in the following weeks.

It's also worth noting that #13 Clemson lost to Georgia Tech. This makes the Eagles the only team in the Atlantic Division of the ACC without a conference loss. It's important that the Eagles stay sharp as they finish the season with 5 conference games against @Virginia Tech, Florida State, @Maryland, @Clemson and Miami. Every one of these teams has the tools to beat the Eagles if BC doesn't bring their best game.


Joe from Uxbridge said...

BC doesn't have to bring their A game against the 3 creampuffs in the middle of the schedule. I think Clemson and Maryland will be their biggest tests later on. Athough they have been known to trip up late in the season when games looked like "slam dunks" in their favor, Coach Jags probably bring a little more to the table than O'Brien did. I say it's 50/50 shot right now for them to get to the Orange Bowl. That's barring any major injuries, of course. Go Eagles !!

Jim L said...

I agree with Joe's comment,the eagles better keep getting better as the road games are going to get alot more interesting.Stop reading the press clippings for another month.