Thursday, September 20, 2007

I voted for Brand it...

Fashion designer Marc Ecko has decided to allow people to vote on what should happen to the infamous record breaking 756 home run ball. I mentioned in a previous post that I thought somebody should put an asterisk on it and I stand by that and was glad for the opportunity to help make that happen.

I've been asking myself lately why I dislike Bonds so much but can still so avidly support the Patriots despite it's own steroid scandal and CameraGate. I'm not defending what the Patriots did, but I do take some comfort in the fact that they are paying their dues for their dubious methods. Rodney Harrison has sat out some important games and will sit out some more before he can return to the field. The Patriots are also paying the biggest penalty in NFL history by getting the maximum fines and being the first team to ever lose a first round pick. There's something redeeming about paying the price for wrongdoing. This is a price Barry Bonds has not and will not ever pay and for me that makes a big difference.

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