Wednesday, September 12, 2007

"Mr. Clutch is Back!"

Don Orsillo summed it up nicely as the ball soared over the glove of Delmon Young to drop into the right field seats securing the Red Sox 5-4 victory. David Ortiz had built up a reputation as Mr. Clutch over the past few years. With the game on the line and Ortiz at the plate it had become an aberration when Big Papi didn't get the big hit. But this year there was something different about Ortiz. He's hurting, his power numbers were way down, his incredible ability to always come through in the clutch seemed to be gone. The 3-4-5 powerhouse of Ortiz, Manny and Drew was found lacking by the Boston faithful as all 3 are having relatively unproductive years. Ortiz proved tonight that he still has some pop left this year and can still come through in the clutch as he accounted for all 5 RBI's tonight on two Homeruns. It's nice to see that somebody on the Red Sox is hitting their stride heading into the playoffs rather than falling off of it.

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