Monday, September 3, 2007

Clay Bucholz No-No's the O's

Personally, I am just astounded by this kid's accomplishment. In his second Major League start he throws a no hitter? Unbelievable. I figured between this and the Appalachian St. over Michigan game in the same day SportsCenter would explode. What I found especially impressive was how dominant Clay looked throughout the no hitter with Dustin Pedroia making the only defensively impressive play. Jason Varitek should also get alot of the credit for this gem as he more than likely called this whole game for the rookie up from Pawtucket. The big question now is whether or not Clay has secured himself a permanent spot on the roster. How do you send a kid who's 2-0 with a No-Hitter to his credit back down to the minors? I looking forward to the contribution this kid will provide to the Red Sox starting rotation. He sure made Phil Hughes and Joba Chamberlain look like second rate prospects.

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