Monday, September 24, 2007

So what's the Patriots magic number?

The Patriots rolled to an easy victory over the Bills 38-7 at Gillette Stadium.
The Bills were a shallow team to begin with, but they have been decimated by injuries. This problem was exacerbated this weekend as Bills QB JP Losman went down on the first drive of the game. There's some controversy about whether or not this was a dirty hit by Vince Wilfork. To me, this looked like Wilfork bracing for a fall and incidental contact, but with all the recent controversy with the Patriots I wouldn't be surprised to see the league and the media give this more attention than it merits. Only Vince Wilfork will know for sure.

Backup QB Trent Edwards took his first snaps and looked excellent on his first drive downfield against a potent Patriots defense. Marshawn Lynch helped with the march downfield and scored the Touchdown to give the Bills an early 7-3 lead. This would be the high point for the Bills as the Patriots put up 35 unanswered points and the bills offense would reel off one 3 and out posession after another.

Despite these big numbers, there is still room for improvement for the Patriots. Tom Brady made the bonehead play of the game when he fumbled on what should have been a slam dunk touchdown at the 1-yard line. The Patriots defense had some trouble making adjustments to the Bills offense. Watching a rookie backup QB make so many big passes against the Patriots on the opening drive was embarassing.

Am I the only one worried about the Patriots getting soft? Cruising to win after win with ease could lead to overconfidence, the kind of overconfidence that costs you when you play against better teams later in the year. The Patriots opponents combined record is 2-7. The quest for the perfect season isn't going to be a cakewalk with the Cowboys week 6, Colts week 9 and Steelers week 14. We all know that the Colts are for real despite close games against the Titans and Texans. Dallas has put up some amazing numbers on the offensive side of the ball and posted a solid win this weekend against the floundering Bears. Dallas is the only team to score more points this season than the Patriots. The Steelers easily rolled to 3-0 over the 2-0 49ers this weekend.

Moss Watch:
Randy posted another impressive line with 5 catches, 115 yards and 2 Touchdowns. If you could get an assist in football, Randy should have gotten one for the double team he drew on the Jabar Gaffney TD catch. Randy handed the football to a young fan after his second TD catch and chose to avoid the media after the game.
The Patriots head to Cincinatti for Monday Night Football next weekend. The Bengals are looking to bounce back from an embarassing loss to Cleveland where they lost 51-45 and a tough loss to the Seahawks this week.

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