Sunday, September 16, 2007

Sox finish game like they should have finished last night, beat Yanks 10-1

I really didn't get a chance to watch this whole game, but here's the things that stuck out to me.

1) Beckett pitched a great game against a good team, if he pitches at this level in the playoffs there should be at least one win you can put in the bank.

2) It's getting harder and harder to deny Jacoby Ellsbury an everyday spot on the roster with the way that he's been playing lately. Even with JD Drew's numbers climbing out of the cellar he still looks bad compared to the red hot rookie.

3) This was Big Papi's 4th multi-hit game in a row. Over that span he's been 9/16 with 3 HR's and 8 RBI's

4) It was nice to see the Red Sox get to Wang. In his previous start against the sox Wang threw a 7 inning, 1 hit, no runs gem. The next time we'll see Wang (if we do see him again this season) it'll be in the post season, and I don't want him thinking he's got the Red Sox all figured out.

5) The Red Sox are fighters. Alot of teams would pretty down having lost in such dramatic fashion the night before, but not these sox. They came ready to play and put up the game they should have finished off last night.

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Chris said...

Your Sox better get their stuff together. 2.5game lead? You're losing to Canada for Pete's sake. All I'm saying is, if the Sox play the Yankees in the post-season, you have cause for concern. 1-4 over the past 5 games is no way to finish the regular season, and the Yankees look hot.