Sunday, September 16, 2007

BC makes a statement, Beat GT 24-10

A 24-10 win over a ranked ACC opponent on the road is impressive enough by itself, but the score doesn't do justice to the beating the Yellow Jackets took tonight. BC had nearly double the yardage GT did, easily could have scored another touchdown on the final drive of the game and had a promising drive cut short by Matt Ryan fumbling deep in GT territory. BC advances to 3-0, all conference wins, BC is quickly becoming the front runner for the ACC championship. Matt Ryan added to his Heisman credentials with an impressive day: 30/44, 435 yards, a TD and no interceptions. The BC offense seemed to be marching downfield at will as the defense looked helpless against Matt Ryan's many precision passes.

The defense also looked strong as they held the Jackets rushing attack to a meager 63 yards. This had a very different feel as the strengh of BC's defense in it's first two games had been it's ability to create timely turnovers, this week they did not create a single turnover, except of the 3 and out kind. It was nice to see that BC didn't need opposing Quarterbacks to make multiple bad decisions in order to win games.

I think this really clarified who was the contender and who was the pretender in this matchup. Georgia Tech's 33-3 win over the Irish in the season opener looks diluted now that the Irish are 0-3 and have been outscored by opponents 102-13. BC has likely earned their way into the top 10 in the rankings and can settle down for 3 non-conference home games against Army, Umass and Bowling Green before heading into South Bend to take on the Fightless Irish.

Elsewhere in the ACC

Clemson rolled to 3-0 against Furman, no surprise there.

Virginia sneaked out a 22-20 win against the Tar Heels, Virginia racks up it's second conference win and the heels start out 0-1 in the ACC.

The Noles posted another less than impressive win 16-6 against Colorado, not going to break back into the rankings that way...

Duke finally managed to crack it's 22 game losing streak, which had been the longest in the country, in it's 20-14 win over Northwestern.

Miami managed to "bounce back" from it's embarassing beating against Oklahoma last week by adding another loss onto the new longest losing streak in college football for Florida International. Keeping the underwhelming quality of Florida Intl the 23-9 victory was unimpressive.

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