Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Wasted Talent...

Curt Schilling has had some solid starts recently. In his last 4 starts his ERA is a respectable 2.52. Despite this solid performance by Schilling the Red Sox have lost in his last 3 starts. Last night's game stood out as Scott Kazmir cruised through 7 scoreless innings and the Rays bullpen surprisingly managed to hold onto the slim 1-0 lead. I thought maybe the Red Sox had finally caught onto Kazmir when they finally posted 6 runs against him in Tropicana 3 weeks ago, but now it seems that was just an aberration and Kazmir is back to owning the Red Sox. The Red Sox bats looked lifeless as they scattered 5 hits and no baserunners made it past second base all game. So another solid performance by Curt Schilling goes to waste. Curt's pitching has been inconsistent all year, but to see them waste his good starts is especially disheartening.

Tonight the Tim Wakefield goes up against Andy Sonnanstine. Sonnanstine's season ERA is a hefty 5.73 and 7.71 in his two games against the sox this year. Wakefield has really dominated the Rays this year. His season ERA is 4.39, but his ERA against the Rays is an astounding 1.65. Wakefield has recorded wins in all 4 of his starts against Tampa Bay this year including two shutouts in his last two starts against them. Hopefully these trends will continue.

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