Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Sox magic number in the AL East down to 3

The Sox scattered seven runs over the course of the game and Curt Schilling threw a 1 run gem and the Yankees fell apart against the Devil Rays and lost in extra innings.

It was nice to see the shoe on the other foot tonight. The Red Sox dominated the A's tonight at Fenway. The offense effectively capitalized on opportunities and Curt Schilling gave a promising start that seemed to say "I'm ready for the post season". Curt gave up a solo home run and scattered 6 hits. Manny was back in the lineup and put in a respectable day at the plate 1 for 2 with a walk. Bryan Corey gave up some irrelevant runs while on mop up duty in the 9th. Bringing Paps back in with a big lead would've been a waste.

The Yankees again failed to clinch a playoff spot over the Tigers. This time it was their bullpen that could not shut the door with a 5-0 lead as Tampa Bay hit the grand slam to take the 6-5 lead. The Yankees again had to dig into their bullpen with another extra inning game and gave up the big hit and the win. The Tigers still have the outside shot of the Yankees losing every game for the remainder of the season and the Tigers winning every game for the remainder of the season to win the wild card, it's not likely, but I can dream can't I? It still brings a smile to my face to see the Yankees working their bullpen hard right before the playoffs.

The Yankees now have five games in which they need to make up 3 on the Red Sox.

I would prefer to play the Indians rather than the Angels in the post season. The Indians have been a completely different team in the second half, but the Red Sox are still 5-2 against them in the regular season and the Indians are 0-6 against the Yankees. The Red Sox have a good record against the Angels too, but not quite as good. The Angels were also 6-3 against the Yankees this year. With the curse broken I no longer feel it's necessary to go through the Yankees in the post season for me to enjoy a World Series and would appreciate it if their opponent could take them out early.

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